juliette layla
2 min readMay 14, 2021

Enough! Let’s call it out. What are we afraid of? who are we afraid of? and more importantly what should we be afraid of? Cocooned in our armchairs we watch: injustice after injustice, they flit by on our screens, they get worse, compounded. We tiptoe, we walk on egg shells — lest we offend anyone inadvertently. Lest we upset our own personal apple carts. Why has it become politically correct to sit on the fence? what happened to passion, what happened to caring, to standing up for what is right?

We are a generation of lukewarm cowards, comfortably numbed by our lives of consumption, racing headlong into the self-fulling prophecies of dystopian futures where might and not right matter. Enough. Call it out. Every wrong, every injustice. Forget the media, we have a voice. A voice that they may wish to silence, with their “glitches” and algorithms, a voice that they cannot muzzle. Shout it out! Use your voice, because this is the only thing they fear — public opinion. We have a responsibility: let’s hold up the mirror of our judgment and common sense. Judge them, or history will not judge us kindly. We are not idiots, yet we allow ourselves to be treated as idiots. Reject the rhetoric — use common sense! https://www.btselem.org/publications/fulltext/202101_this_is_apartheid. This is apartheid. Joe Biden, you are supporting and enabling apartheid. Are you prepared to go down in history as a supporter of racism and now apartheid? I am calling you out. Lives matter! Black lives matter, brown lives matter, children’s lives matter. On both sides yes, but you are not helping the other side. You are funding weapons being used to kill children defending their homes with stones and bricks. Israel’s right to self defence? Who started this? Are we supposed to ignore Israel’s colonial-settler history? Are we supposed to forget Balfour, to pretend ignorance of the great game agenda to support imperial and neo-imperial ambitions? Divide and conquer?

What if tomorrow a new “State” is created forcefully by external powers in the United states, what if our midwestern farmers were forcefully evicted from their homes and businesses in order to hand back the territory to the Native American Indians, what if they were thrown into refugee camps? THINK!!!! This is not right. Europe failed to defend its own during the 2nd world war. The world failed. Nothing can make up for that. But we are failing again. and again. and again. Let’s not kid ourselves either: this is about control, and resources and selling weapons. Do not stand in silence: if there is one lesson history has taught us, it is not to be silent. Oppression is never right. Injustice breeds violence, and violence breeds more violence. Call out the injustice. We have a voice: colour yourself with your outrage, stand up for what is right, be visible, be the Emile Zolas of the internet age: Joe Biden, J’accuse!

#Callitout: this is apartheid.